It’s an Unfair World

The world is unfair. Let’s face it.

Some of us are born ugly, while others are so beautiful. Some of us are unintelligent, while others are so smart. And that’s not even considering people who are born with handicaps.

But what I want to talk about is religious unfairness. Because it’s just as real as all the other unfairness in the world. I’m a Christian. I’ve had time to look at what the other major religions of the world teach, and I conclude that Christianity is the truth. I was born into a Christian home. That’s clearly not fair (from my perspective) to all the people born into religious homes other than Christianity. They were born into a home that raised them to believe a lie. Their mother and father told them it was the truth. They believed it since they were children.

And now, (from my perspective), in order for them to be saved, they must reject what they’ve been raised to believe, and embrace Jesus Christ. They must tell their family they are part of a different religion. They must part ways with all the ideas they were trained to hold onto.

But not me. I was raised a Christian. What my parents told me was the truth. Everything I was taught to believe is right. That’s not fair to everyone who was born into a family that taught them a false religion.

Sure, I can try to help them. I can tell people I meet about Jesus. But they have to change their entire belief system to be saved. I don’t.

Why would God make the world that way? So unfair? I believe God didn’t make it that way, we did. When humanity sinned in the persons of Adam and Eve, we made the world evil and unfair. Now God is trying to save us all out of this unfair world. He’s trying to bring us to heaven, where everything is fair, where sin does not exist.

But God is saving us out of the world we made for ourselves, the unfair world.